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Joomla Community | Community Component | Joomla Community Component - HM Community

HM Community

Price : -$10
Support :
  • Private communication with friends via private messages
  • Create your own groups, album and Video.
  • Commenting on albums photos and videos.
  • In your dashboard display all friends’ activities which are connected with you.
  • Create the unlimited field in registration form.
  • Ajax suggestion search easy to find the user.
  • Privacy setting for Videos, Group, album, wall, profile and message.
  • Email notification sends from the system when user comments on photo, video and register.
  • All mail formats customize from the back-end setting.
  • Also 100% SEF URL generated and 100% MVC Structure follows.
  • Easy to customize the code as per your requirement.

: 1 month support

Version 1.01:-
Multiple Vulnerabilities error solved

You can easily create your own Social Networking site using that component. Inside that component you can create Photo album, Groups and Video Gallery and a lot of other features that work out of the box.


  • User can view the album as well as see the detail description
  • User can edit the album(name, descriptions)
  • User can delete the album (Database, folder)
  • User can read more description where the detail album is display
  • User can add more pictures
  • User can delete the pictures
  • User can set  the single photo as album pictures               
  • User can can comment on images
  • User can comment on album as well as delete the comment.


  • User can create the group
  • User can see the detail description of group in display group
  • User can comment on group
  • User can edit the group description
  • User can delete the group (db & folder)
  • User can create topic & discuss on topic& delete topic
  • User can comment on topic discussion
  • User can invite friend for group
  • User can see all the  group of friend and comment on group


  • User can add/delete/update video details
  • User can comment on video and like /dislike the video
  • Video can upload through url/browse

Friend’s Home Page:-

  • User can view friends profile, videos, albums, groups, wall, Friends, if Permission is granted.
  • User can comment on Profile Picture, Status, video and album, group
  • User can like or dislike status, comments, profile Picture, videos.  
  • If the user is not friend add as friend

Privacy setting:-  Set privacy of wall, video, message, profile, album, and group.
Search :- User can search all the registered members and view their profile
Message :- User can send message to registered user even if they are not friend and email of the same is send to the receiver
Inbox  :- User can view all the received mail & also reply for the same
Outbox :- List of all send message
Karma :-  It will display karma according the no of likes by the user

There are Below themes available :-

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Cyan
  4. Green
  5. Gray
  6. Yellow
  7. Pink
latest update in product :-
HM Community(J-1.5) 17-12-11.zip
HM Community (J-1.5) 27-03-12.zip
HM Community (J-1.7) 27-03-12.zip
HM Community (J-2.5) 27-03-12.zip

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