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Joomla Cookies modules | EU Cookie Law Overview according make that Joomla module - JE Cookies

JE Cookies

Price : -$3
Support :
  • Easy to change the Background color, text color using color picker
  • Height also configuration from the back-end
  • Article page easy to assign for more infor link


New Cookies Low :-


IN UK new Law comes lFrom 26th May 2012 all UK websites must obtain consent from visitors for the use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Optanon is a managed software service that enables you to make your website compliant with the new regulations.




More info read :-  http://www.cookielaw.org




That's why Use this extensions, You can easy to installed , AFter that top of possition add in your template than assign that module there.


Features of modules :-


- Easy to change the Backgroud color, text color, button color , height also Article page for More info.




latest update in product :-
mod_jecookies (J-1.5) 18-07-12.zip
mod_jecookies (J-2.5) 18-07-12.zip