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JE K2 Accordion - JE K2 Accordion

JE K2 Accordion

Price : -$8
Support :
  • Nice presentation of your all K2 items according category wise.
  • Category specify from the back-end module parameters.
  • Module width and height set from the module parameters.
  • Set the Slide Speed, Cycle Speed, Show First Slide and Header Width from the module parameters.

Description:- Joomla25 Joomla30

JE K2 Accordion modules are working with K2 extensions. Display the K2 item according category using jQuery. It’s very different looks in that module.

There are three different themes

  • Dark Themes
  • Basic Themes
  • Light Themes
latest update in product :-
mod_jek2accordion (J-2.5.0) 14-08-12.zip
mod_jek2accordion ( J-3.0 ) 7-1-13.zip