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JE Soft Sphere - JE Soft Sphere

JE Soft Sphere

Price : -$8
Support :
  • A rotating image display module or slideshow / image carousel effect. .
  • Set the image directory, image display size, delays between rotation and off you go.
  • Open the images in light-box.
  • Shadow effects are using JavaScript.
  • You can set the below parameters from the back-end.

Description :-
* - Images Folder URL
* - Slide Rotate (left or right)
* - Image thumbnail size define from the back-end
* - Set back-ground using color picker
* - Slide Speed define from the back-end
* - Mouse wheel effect set
* - Rotation speed delay time set
* - Slider radius also set


Follows Below steps:-
1) Install module from the Joomla installer.
2) After go to the module manager.
3) Select our module and go to edit page.
4) Published our module which ever position you want into the template.

It’s very easy to install.

New version 1.1 compatible with Google chrome also.

latest update in product :-

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