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JE Ticket System - JE Ticket System

JE Ticket System

Price : -$15
Support :
  • 100%MVC Structure and SEF/SEO support.
  • User need support than generate the ticket and get the satisfaction answer.
  • All system mail template change from the back-end.
  • Also user related with the Jomsocial also.

Joomla25 Joomla30: : 1 month support

User type:-

  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Register user

Register user task :-

  •  User submits the ticket after register in Joomla.
  •  Submit ticket mail send to administrator.  After assign mail sends to manager also.
  • Email format change by the back-end setting.  
  • Listings of all tickets and see the status of all tickets after login the user.
  •  Search option on listing page.  User can close the ticket and rate on that ticket.   

Administrator Task :-

  • Category adds by them. (Field : name , short description)
  • Setting of email format of user and ticket manager. Ticket close after.
  • Ticket statuses add by the back-end.
  • Ticket priority status (High, Medium, Low) add bye the back-end.
  • Back-end Admin see the all tickets which are submit by user. Filter search by category and user.
  • Admin assign the ticket to manager.
  • Admin has authority to close that ticket.
  • Admin can create ticket manager from the back-end.

Ticket Manger task :-

  • Ticket Manager login from the front-end and see that assign ticket by the administrator task list.
  • Manager goes reply on that ticket. Reply mail sends to user mail. Email format change by the back-end setting


latest update in product :-
JE Ticket (J-2.5) 21-09-12.zip
JE Ticket (J-1.5) 7-11-12.zip
JE Ticket (J-3.0) 16-01-13.zip

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