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Joomla Virtuemart Slideshow - JE Virtuemart Slide show

JE Virtuemart Slide show

Price : -$9
Support :
  • This module used the Mootools, jQuery JavaScript.
  • Module width, height can be set from the back end.
  • Displays only virtual mart images.
  • Displays all the product images or displays particular category’s product images by entering category id from module.

Description: -

100% MVC structure follow.JE Virtue Mart Sideshow is a native module. Module width, height can be set from the back end and also supports multi-language. Selected category displays in to the slide show. Module displays only virtual mart product images in the slide show.
There is one theme we added here. You can check it on demo site.
This module used the Mootools, jQuery JavaScript.

Follows Below steps:-

1) Install module from the Joomla installer.
2) After go to the module manager.
3) Select our module and go to edit page.
4) Published our module which ever position you want into the template.

latest update in product :-
mod_Virtuemartslideshow (J-2.5.0) 31-12-12.zip
mod_Virtuemartslideshow (J-1.5.0) 31-12-12.zip

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