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Joomla Property Finder Component


Support the Joomla 1.5 and Joomla1.6.

Property Finder is for web-based business that specialists in buying and selling sections nationwide. Our aim is easy to connect the seller of land directly to the buyer, its simple.

• Property Finder is a trade new Joomla 1.5 native and Joomla 1.6 MVC component for JExtensions that allow you to search the property for your website.

• User can add the property from the front-end as per your plan selection. Plan , Category and property types adds from the back-end. Currently we are only add the PayPal method from the payment option.

• Property FInder has native SEF support. 100% SEO/SEF URL Generate.

• Property Finder component includes the ratting, Google map, Photo gallery, Street view and Video display from the youtube and google video.

• User can add his ratting to property. Add more than one photo in one property. Featured property has display with different design. Related property has display under that property.

Template Management:-

Admin can make it the template easily and manage the template from the editor. Just put the tag and make it template as per requirement. Easy to manages the template.
There two types of template:-
• Property Browse/search
• Property detail.

There are five different modules we are attached with that package.
1)    Search modules
2)    Recent Added property
3)    Featured property
4)    Top price property
5)    Property Slide Show


JE Top Price Property

Test123 for Rent at 150$

For Rent : Stockbridge, Georgia, United States

JE Recent Property

Property2 for Rent at 50$

Special Category : Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

JE Featured Property

Property1 for Sell at 100$

Special Category : Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India